Scores from Sunday 20/11/16

Here are the scores from Sunday 20/11/16


Highest on Red 45

Highest on Blue 47

Highest Veteran - 43

Highest Lady - 39


Great shooting everyone.

Scores from Sunday 23/10/16

Scores from today were as follows:

Highest on Red - 44

Highest on Blue - 46

Highest Lady - 39

Highest Vet - 43

Highest Colt - 30

Great shooting everyone!

Scores from Handicap Shoot 9/10/16

Here are the first of the 2016/17 handicap results:

AA Class

1st Roger Deacon 46

2nd Malcolm Allen 43

3rd James Mcguire 40

A Class

1st Ade Smith 46

2nd Scott Richardson 43

3rd Jim Francis 42

B Class

1st Matt Elloway 40

2nd Jamie Lewington 38

3rd Michael Bankhead 37

C Class

1st Peter Martin 31

2nd John O'Donaghey 23


1st Lesley Webber 36

2nd Christine Jones 35

3rd Sarah Bankhead 30


1st Dave Bruce 42

2nd John Hedges 41

Jnt 3rd Keith Bennet, Martin Boyes and Terry Harrison 39

Overall (score plus handicap)

1st Peter Martin - 60

2nd Jamie Lewington - 58

Jnt 3rd Ade Smith, Matt Elloway, Michael Bankhead and Terry Harrison


Great shooting everyone


2016 Clubman Winners!!!!



Super proud of our Wallers Ash representatives (Wallers Wallies)  Not only for the great shooting but also for the fantastic team spirit.  Many thanks to everyone for your support! Special thanks to Scott Richardson for all his hard work as Wallies captain!Here is the link if you'd like to look at the scores .The presentation shoot will take place on Saturday 24th September at Fareham.

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